Timeline of Caer Sidi

Seasons: Summer - 200 days, Winter - 200 days
One year - 400 days, One era - varies with significant events or changes

124th day of Winter, 1st year of the 1st Era, Before the Arrival

The seasonal queens, back then simple nobles, reside in a different warren known as Syvisa. Possessing interest into the essential mechanics of reality, they funded and participated in studies regarding dimensional manipulation and physics.

1st day of Summer, 6th year of the 1st Era, Before the Arrival

First breakthroughs have been achieved, and existence of different dimensions dubbed “Warrens” has been confirmed.

83rd day of Summer, 14th year of the 1st Era, Before the Arrival

More funding is being pumped into inter-warren travel research, numerous breakthroughs are achieved, but so far successful travel is impossible.

172nd day of Summer, 21st year of the 1st Era, Before the Arrival

Catastrophic accident has occurred during essential tests of a prototype gateway, allowing darkness to seep into Syvisa from the void between dimensions. Now permanently bound with oblivion, the warren began to collapse, under the constant flood of hellish creatures and unspeakable amounts of corrupt, dark energy.

13th day of Winter, 21st year of the 1st Era, Before the Arrival

With the government in tatters and world flooded by bloodthirsty abominations, the Queens rushed to assemble what was left of society under their banner in an attempt to save as many people as possible. They then opened a portal to another, random warren, and escaped with as many people as possible, shutting the entrance behind them. What they encountered was the warren of Caer Sidi, which was under the control of a hellish creature, called Chaolich. It, it’s power and minions were extensions of another warren called Chaosium, which was back then bound to Caer Sidi through similar means as Syvisa was bound to the void.

14th day of Summer, 1st year of the 2nd Era, War Against Chaos

Aismir Castle has been discovered in Caer Sidi, and within it, gateways to hundreds of different Warrens, many of which were opened.

15th day of Summer, 1st year 2nd Era, War Against Chaos

Chaolich learns of the arrival of the queens and their subjects. He was furious at the queens for entering his domain and began to actively seek out means to completely eradicate everyone who came with them to Caer Sidi. Desperate for survival and a new home, the Queens declare war onto the force of Chaosium, starting the long era of war against chaos.

21st day of Winter, 34th year of the 2nd Era, War Against Chaos

The Chaolich has been defeated in the final battle for Aismir castle and the war has ended. The remaining creatures of Chaosium either scattered and hid deep beneath the earth, never to be found, or tried to fight the victors of the war, which ended up with their ultimate destruction. The queens have established complete control over Caer Sidi.

1st day of Winter, 1st year of the 3rd Era, Time of Summer and Winter

The Queens continue to network and grow their hold over the Warren, a time of peace ensues.

66th day of Summer, 97th year of the 3rd Era, Time of Summer and Winter

Bored of her current life and hungry for knowledge, Winter Queen Cthoria Moreaux leaves the throne, seeking out new life in different warrens to which Aismir Castle is connected to. Before leaving, she names Roran Struenhof of Clan Winter her heir, giving us the new winter king.

79th day of Summer, 99th year of 3rd Era, Time of Summer and Winter

The Coronation of Roran Struenhof as the new Winter King of Caer Sidi. All the holdfast owners have come to renew their oaths to the Diarchy and present the new monarch with gifts and wishes.

123rd day of Winter, 1st year of the 4th Era, A Time of New Beginnings

King Roran departs the throne and Caer Sidi is reformed into a Monarchy with Seasonal Queen Aynia Moreaux and Prince Regent Carrot Moreaux at it's helm. The Era is coined 'A Time of New Beginnings' and many changes are instituted across the realm.

175th day of Winter, 13th year of the 4th Era, A Time of New Beginnings

Stefan Moreaux is appointed Oracle for the realm, an important task for keeping track of movings and happenings, and as a general overseer for daily life in Caer Sidi.

45th day of Summer, 25th year of the 4th Era, A Time of New Beginnings

Caer Sidi continues to flourish, with new holdfasts being discovered or founded, and cartographers revealing all corners of the map. Trade routes are being more firmly established and it seems a time of peace has blanketed the realm.

23rd day of Summer, 92nd year of the 4th Era, A Time of New Beginnings

As the holdfasts across the Warren grow in number, so do the number of those who wish to exploit the newfound alliances and open borders. As years went on, banditry became a problem in the open areas between holdfasts. Some areas it was advised that traveller's hire escorts to avoid thievery. The Queensland began to send out small contingents of guards to tame the growing issue, but as it was pervasive it was hard to stamp out.

165th day of Summer, 98th year of the 4th Era, The End of the Era

Reports begin to flood in that Aimsir has been breached once more, and it is thought that it is Chaosium spilling forth. A new era has begun, The Return of Choas

Current day: 95th day of Summer, 1st year of the 5th Era, The Return of Chaos

Seasonal Queen Aynia forms a War Council with trusted representatives of each holdfast, and while Aimsir begins to burn, they begin to plot and plan...

To be continued...