Caer Sidi Embassy Policy

  • Regions must have at least 50 nations, though exceptions may be made.

  • Regions must have a discord.

  • Regions must assign a diplomat to Caer Sidi to post foreign updates in the #embassy-updates channel in the Caer Sidi discord.

  • Regions must have similar values and things in common in order to be approved.

  • Ambassadors are limited to 1 per region, if you would like to apply for the admittance of additional officials please contact the @Monarchy on our Discord, or send a direct message to aynia (Aynia Moreaux) to make arrangements.

  • Foreign Diplomats will not be masked unless the appropriate form has been filled out and approved. You can register as a diplomat here and find our discord by clicking here.

Caer Sidi welcomes diplomatic relations. We are however, selective in who we choose to establish embassies with and regions must meet the criteria listed below:

Please note that Caer Sidi will not accept embassy requests without prior discussion.