Joining Our Canon Role Play, a Non-Canon Role Play or Creating Your Own

How to get involved

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Joining the Canon Role Play

That’s easy! You can always chip into conversations on the discord in #canon-discussion, or ask for help in #rp-assistance! The easiest way to involve yourself is to either apply as an individual character or small group or as a larger holdfast, like a small kingdom. You can always talk to the Clerics or the Oracle to iron out your ideas and make sure it passes muster. We are more than happy to work with you on that. After gaining some experience and getting a familiarity with the lore and the region, you can join as a Cleric and work with the Oracle and the other Clerics to both guide the future of the Warren, and help with the other newcomers.

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Joining Non Canon Role Plays

Each non canon role play will have it's own requirements. For any non canon role play the game master will be shown as a moderator for that subforum and is the main point of contact. If there are disputes with the game master for that particular role play, the Oracle will act as a mediator to come to a resolution.

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Creating Your Own Role Play

It is possible to create your own non canon role plays on our offsite forums. Non canon role plays are run by a player game master, and are not bound to our canon role play restrictions. Feel like a space role play? Future tech dystopia? If your role play meets our guidelines, you are free to make those dreams come true! To do so, you may apply for a subforum for your role play here.