Canon Role Play Rules

The equivalent time period of the Warren can be seen as the 1100s and 1200s with variation. For example, there are no guns or explosives of any kind allowed.

The setting of CS is high fantasy, with magic readily available. This also applies to the technological level, with steampunk devices and culture not allowed as well.

There is a cost to the magic, with the cost being equal to or greater than the effect of the spell. This is further detailed in the Magic Compendium.

As of right now, flying creatures such as gryphons, dragons, etc. are not allowed in CS under player control. This also applies to flying ships and craft. This may be changed, but at the moment, it has not.

There are many races available to use in your holdfasts, the classic fantasy races such as Satyrs, Elves, Dwarves, Humans (called “Syvisan”). If you would like to add a new race to the Warren, please discuss this with the Oracle before setting anything in stone.

Keep in mind what you are posting, pg-13 is just about the limit of what the content of the posts should be. Excessive gore, mature content, etc. is frowned upon.

Be kind and conscientious of people’s remarks, especially Admins, the Oracle, and the Clerics. They are here to make the Canon RP a good place for everyone.

Always contact a person you plan on interacting with on the discord before creating a thread. This is common courtesy, but should be followed.

Always ask permission before involving another person’s holdfast in your lore. Even if it is a trade relationship, it’s best that all parties involved are aware and okay with what is occurring.

“Godmodding,” or the act of taking control of someone else’s character, holdfast, army, or other entity, is strictly forbidden. While it is nice to interact and describe the actions of others in response to yours, it is best to leave the heavy lifting to the other person.

Any and all wars between holdfasts shall be moderated by the Oracle and played out according to the Oracle’s decisions.