The Formal Charter of the Workings of Caer Sidi

We, the Seasonal Monarchy, Interior Council, and the collective Court of the region of Caer Sidi, hereby adopt this Charter as our own and pledge to follow the workings set out within.

The Workings of the Monarchy

We establish that the head of the region of Caer Sidi shall be known as the Seasonal Monarch. The Seasonal Monarch may choose their own title, such as Seasonal Queen, King or Monarch. This Monarch will be known as the Founder of the region and shall control the founder nation, Caer Sidi Founder. The Monarch may appoint a Regent as second in command to help oversee the running of the region, of whom will have the same rights and responsibilities as the Monarch.

The Monarchy shall have the power to appoint and dismiss each Master, Interior council members, or the World Assembly delegate at their discretion. The Monarch as well as Regent shall oversee Foreign Affairs, having a secondary title of Mistress/Master of Whispers, and the responsibility of managing diplomatic and embassy requests as well as representing Caer Sidi to any region without an assigned Emissary. They have the power to grant and revoke Orders to Courtiers. They shall have the power to approve or deny holdfast and role play requests. They shall have the power to issue Royal Orders making changes or adjustments to the region. They shall have the responsibility of keeping the region safe and to protect it's reputation. In the event a position becomes vacant and is unable to be filled, the Monarchy shall assume leadership of the particular position until which time it can be filled.

The Workings of the Interior Council

The Interior Council shall act as the advisory committee to the Monarch. The Interior Council works in tandem with the Monarchy, with the power to grant or approve citizenship applications, embassy applications, diplomatic applications, as well as keep order in the region on all properties of Caer Sidi.

The Workings of the Deoraí

Deoraí are those who are approved and active in the regional canon role play. Deoraí are eligible to become the Oracle in the event the Oracle must vacate their position. Deoraí also have the ability to become Clerics, assisting the Oracle and their Deputy if one is appointed.

The Workings of the Courtiers

Residents of the region shall be known as members of the Royal Court, and shall be named Courtiers. Courtiers are eligible for appointments for Master positions within the Court. Once entrance into the Royal Court and the title of Courtier is bestowed, the Courtier may apply to take part in the canon role play in order to build their own holdfast or create single or groups of characters. The Courtier must hold a nation in Caer Sidi in order to maintain their status.

The Workings of the Masters

Masters shall drive activity within the region and be representatives of Caer Sidi to our allies. There are three Master positions within Caer Sidi: Master of the Hearth, Master of Whispers, and Master of Scribes. Masters of the Hearth and Scribes work with and answer to the Monarchy directly.

Master of Whispers shall be the Monarchy, acting as the representative from Caer Sidi to the larger NationStates world stage. The Monarchy shall be responsible for maintaining and discovering new embassies, pursuing and presenting treaties, as well as international events.The Master of Whispers has the option of appointing Emissaries, as well as other positions they see fit in order to aid in foreign affairs such as a second in command.

Master of the Hearth shall be the overseer of internal affairs, such as culture and activities. They shall help to drive activity in the region in the form of things such as but not limited to activity events, contests, festivals, or polls.

Master of Scribes shall be the overseer of our update publication, The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service, or CSBS. They may appoint, remove, and work with Scribes in compiling articles and updates to be sent to our embassy partners.

The Workings of The Oracle

The Oracle shall weave stories and lore, guide role play in the main canon story line of the region, and oversee new independent role plays. The Oracle shall have the power to approve or deny new holdfasts, as well as approve or deny role play submissions such as individual characters or groups. The Oracle shall advise the Monarchy of happenings of the Warren, and work with the Monarchy to progress the story line of Caer Sidi. The Oracle may appoint a second in command in order to help aid in role play who will be known as the Deputy Oracle. If the Oracle must vacate their position, they may choose either their appointed Deputy or choose from the group of Clerics or Deoraí. All Oracles must be involved with Caer Sidi's canon role play.